DAZIE MAE "Froth on a DayDream"

DAZIE MAE "Froth on a DayDream"

Celebrated for more than 60 years as one of the most popular texts of French literature, “L'Écume des jours” is a surrealist tale which inspired Dazie Mae 20 songs & instrumental pieces mixing blues, jazz & cabaret (and even a drop of bossa nova and country!).


Voice : Miss Jane

Piano & keyboards : “Hairy Mat” Daval

Guitars, banjo & trumpet : Tom La Meche

Bass & 2nd voice : Serge Dejazz

Drums : Olivier Boeuf

Sax & flute : Christophe Gauthier

Violin : Olivier Leclerc

Clarinet : Emile Lebesle

Words and music by Serge Dejazz/Mathias Daval, except track #15 by Tom La Meche.