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Gypsy Jazz Not Authentic But Still Pleasant

JamapamaQ on stage, it's a HAPPY evening! Not just notes, even pretty ones, but a nice atmosphere, a dialogue with the public, their active participation (to the point of beefing with them, yes, yes!). A repertoire that brings together jazz enthusiasts, those nostalgic for French song, the real one, fans of gypsy music, lovers of American crooners... all with the characteristic sound of the usual gypsy jazz instruments!

Based in Coye-la-Forêt, the group consists of leader Pierre Szpirglas on guitar, our magician Laurent Miqueu on guitar, our castafiore Natacha Muzard and our quiet force Simon Teboul on double bass.

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Formerly called METANOYA, the MYSTEREO group has international origins (American, French and English) and the main duo, twin sisters Agnès and Bénédicte (and drummer Oli, their brother) are Canadian. They spent most of their childhood in Asia and France and are now based in Île de France. They have been playing together for over ten years and have recorded 2 albums. The twins' melodic duets flow smoothly over a pop/metal rock arrangement, although recently they have become more "unplugged" and developed a more organic feel with a violin/guitar/bass/percussion combination. They perform at festivals, parties: inaugurations, weddings and other social events. The members of the group got to know each other through their involvement in humanitarian projects with the “Ptits Coups de Main” association. They continue to actively participate in the organization's efforts, entertaining patients (and staff) in children's wards and hospitals in the Paris Region.

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