MARTHA FIELDS BAND "Dancing Shadows"

MARTHA FIELDS BAND "Dancing Shadows"

Album with 14 songs

Martha Fields brings her ghosts to life in her new album “Dancing Shadows” (September 2018). With her musical roots deep in Appalachia and Texas, Martha and her superb band take you on a passionate, soulful, and winding journey through the American South. Illuminating his past and present in this ambitious and varied project, awash in dark and brooding tones, saturated with strong and defiant characters, brimming with courage and soul, sprinkled with occasional honky tonk respite, all liberally infused with his own groove authentic southerner.


Martha Fields : Songwriter and lead vocals

Serge Samyn : Bass

Urbain Lambert : Electric guitar, lead acoustic, slide guitar

Olivier Leclerc : Violin

Manu Bertrand : Acoustic guitars, dobro, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, lap stee & resonator guitar

Denis Bielsa : Drums, cajon & percussion

Manu Godard : Hammond B3 organ

Vincent Samyn : Piano

Monica Taylor & Travis Fite : Backing vocals