MARTHA FIELDS BAND "Southern White Lies"

MARTHA FIELDS BAND "Southern White Lies"

Album of 12 songs

“SOUTHERN WHITE LIES” is an American tapestry that weaves its birthright, its soul and its struggles in Appalachia.

Martha's voice and songs are both intimate and powerful, taking listeners on a thrilling journey through a range of country, blues, folk and bluegrass.

A Southern Gothic folk opera in search of self-discovery, a sense of belonging, truthfulness, and Martha's musical root. The album is filled with mature hillbilly sounds, crackerjack dobro, fiddle, banjo, guitar, resonator, mandolin and double bass - awash in beautiful harmonies and backing vocals throughout.


Martha Fields : Songwriter and lead vocals

Serge Samyn : Bass

Urbain Lambert : Electric guitar, lead acoustic, slide guitar

Olivier Leclerc : Violin

Manu Bertrand : Acoustic guitars, dobro, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, lap stee & resonator guitar

Denis Bielsa : Drums, cajon & percussion

Travis Fite & Monica Taylor : Backing vocals